A quick browse through the helpfully clean design of the site, and there’s not much guesswork to be done as to how the whole thing works: deals are ‘crowdfunded’ in a sense – as soon as enough folks “commit” to buy an item it unlocks a better price.

There are flatscreens. There are knives and pincushions and flashlights. And, thankfully, like any site which sells anything people want, there are vaporizers.

And that’s not surprising, considering the vape market has quickly burgeoned into a $2 billion industry.

So how does it work?

“Once you decide what product you’d like to buy together, Massdrop contacts the vendor directly on behalf of the group,” the site explains. “All products on Massdrop are chosen, created, or inspired by people like you – we call them drops. Join a drop and share in the experience with the community.”

Great, another site on which to buy things, you’re thinking. Yes, but when you’ve got a $260 Crafty dry herb vape and a host of other pricey gear at used-on-Ebay-prices, you’ve got to at least be a little interested.

Drawbacks? Well you do have to wait for the “drop” to complete before you get the lowest price. And then there’s shipping. The rates aren’t high, but they’re not free either.

And at the time of this post, in terms of vaporizers, Massdrop is only offering the Flowermate Vapormax V8 dry herb kit at a respectable drop price of $49.99 (about half it’s MSRP). So the selection isn’t off the cahin, but the trick is to check back often, or at least pay attention to those Massdrop e-mails. And you really can’t wait until the last minute to seal a deal – once those offers disappear, you have only the option of jumping on a mailing list to beg manufacturers for the deal to return.